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ASA 101
Basic Keelboat Sailing

See the boats: Caribbean Sailing School Private Instruction

Prerequisites:  None

A certified student can sail a boat up to 20' in light to moderate winds and sea conditions in familiar waters without supervision - no auxiliary power or navigation skills required. Includes a National Safe Boating Certificate approved by NASBLA and the U.S. Coast Guard to it meet all requirements for mandatory education and licensing for every US state.

Includes a written test (takes most students about 45 minutes)

I. Sailing Knowledge

  • Identify parts of a sailboat and describe their functions.
  • Define "points of sail" and other sailing terms.
  • Apply Navigation Rules to prevent collision. Identify the "stand-on" and "give-way" boats in various situations.
  • Describe actions appropriate near commercial shipping and how to maintain proper look-out.

II. Sailing Skills

  • Select and properly use a personal flotation device and clothing for various weather conditions.
  • Set basic sails with appropriate luff tensions, coil and hang halyards and other lines.
  • Act as helmsperson/skipper and crew and use proper commands and responses while sailing under various wind directions. Sail a windward-leeward course, tack, jibe, and steer by the lee without jibing.
  • Lower, fold and stow sails properly.
  • Describe and demonstrate the actions to be taken by a helmsperson/skipper if a person falls overboard. Describe how to get an exhausted person aboard.
  • Properly secure a sailboat to a dock with limited movement and fenders.
  • Describe the function of and tie 6 basic knots within time limits.

See the boats: Caribbean Sailing School Private Instruction

ASA is $20 per person, per level
• For example, ASA 101-103-104 is $60 per person
• You buy books, used is fine: amazon, powells

Add $39/person for anyone not already an ASA member.