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ASA 103
Basic Coastal Cruising

See the boats: Caribbean Sailing School Private Instruction

Prerequisites: 101

A certified student can cruise safely in local and regional waters as both skipper and crew on a 20-30' sailboat with an engine in moderate winds and sea conditions.

Includes a written test (takes most students about 1.5 hours).

I. Sailing Knowledge

  • Identify more boat parts and describe their functions.
  • List federally required and ASA recommended safety equipment.
  • Describe the most important reasons for keeping gear and equipment stowed in assigned places on a boat.
  • Describe the purpose and proper use of the safety equipment. Describe proper fueling and fire precautions.
  • Describe required navigation lights between sunset and sunrise when under sail, power, and at anchor. Apply Navigation Rules by diagram and practice.
  • Interpret marine weather forecasts and weather changes applicable to the area and apply the information to future sailing plans.
  • Describe actions and precautions during times of reduced visibility.
  • Describe the correct sail combinations for various wind and sea conditions, including reefing.
  • Read and interpret a NOAA nautical chart. Demonstrate basic navigation knowledge.
  • Describe anchoring procedures, site selection and dangers of a lee shore.
  • Describe the immediate action to be taken during various emergencies.
  • Identify responsibilities of skipper and crew.
  • Describe one use for 6 basic knots.

II. Sailing Skills

  • Demonstrate on land correct methods for putting on a personal flotation device in the water and using safety equipment.
  • Inspect vessel gear and equipment. Use and care for equipment, including winches.
  • Safely start an auxiliary engine and outboard motor. Stop and secure engine for the night.
  • Handle the boat under power, understand vessel's momentum, maneuver to and stop within two feet alongside a dock.
  • Act as skipper while under power to recover a person overboard.
  • Select anchorage, securely set anchor and check for holding. Weigh anchor and get underway under power.
  • Sail a compass course for 5 minutes, varying no more than 10 degrees.
  • Function as helmsman and crew giving correct commands and responses while demonstrating the proper technique tacking, jibing, and on all points of sail.
  • Describe proper preparatory and executions commands for all ASA 103 sailing skills included, including reefing, heaving to, and person overboard recovery under sail.
  • Tie to various docks with limited movement with fenders. Secure a vessel for the night at a dock and at a mooring.
  • Tie the 7 basic knots with time limits.

See the boats: Caribbean Sailing School Private Instruction

ASA is $20 per person, per level
• For example, ASA 101-103-104 is $60 per person
• You buy books, used is fine: amazon, powells

Add $39/person for anyone not already an ASA member.