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ASA 104
Bareboat Chartering
(Intermediate Coastal Cruising)

See the boats: Caribbean Sailing School Private Instruction

Prerequisites: 101 - 103

A certified student can act as skipper or crew of a 30-50' boat sailing by day in coastal waters. Knowledge of boat systems and maintenance included.

Includes a written test (takes most students about 2 hours).

I. Sailing Knowledge

  • Discuss planning for longer cruising, including fuel and water capacity, first aid kit, menu planning and provisioning, galley procedures, spare parts, documents and procedures for crossing international borders.
  • Describe and discuss actions for various engine problems.
  • Describe sea breeze and land breeze effects, conditions which cause fog, and proper weather watch.
  • Describe 2 methods of getting a person overboard back on board in open waters.
  • Describe the information required and the procedure for tying a boat to a fixed dock in areas with a large tidal range.
  • State factors to be considered before allowing swimming while at anchor.
  • Describe methods and potential dangers of rafting at anchor.
  • Describe proper usage and launching of a dinghy and outboard engine at anchor.
  • Describe marine head operation and precautions to prevent malfunction.
  • Describe common yacht courtesies and customs.

II. Sailing Skills

  • Perform daily and weekly engine maintenance procedures and troubleshooting.
  • Check systems and equipment, demonstrate proper operation, and related safety procedures.
  • Locate and check condition of all U.S. Coast Guard required equipment aboard.
  • Apply 72 COLREGS Navigation Rules 1 -19 to maintain safe navigation.
  • Maneuver under power in a confined space, docking and mooring under various conditions.
  • Demonstrate suitable methods and precautions for launching and towing a dinghy.
  • Demonstrate two different ways of returning to a person overboard in moderate winds.
  • Sail a compass course with sails set properly while reaching and running.
  • Read a nautical chart and identify corresponding landmarks and aids to navigation.
  • Plot a course and determine compass heading and E.T.A., take a fix with visual bearings.
  • Determine the depth above or below chart datum using tide tables.
  • Pilot a boat into an unfamiliar harbor or anchorage by day using a nautical chart and tidal information.
  • Obtain and interpret the marine forecast, adjust daily float plan accordingly.
  • Set and retrieve two anchors, establish anchor watch.
  • Act as skipper and crew on a live-aboard cruise of at least 48 hours.

See the boats: Caribbean Sailing School Private Instruction

ASA is $20 per person, per level
• For example, ASA 101-103-104 is $60 per person
• You buy books, used is fine: amazon, powells

Add $39/person for anyone not already an ASA member.