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"We had a great trip, and the boys haven't stopped talking about it. Thanks for something we will remember all our lives."

"It was great. I liked it a lot. One porpoise swam on his side to see us - we called him Looker."
TJB, Age 9, OR

"It was really fun. I liked the dinghy and seeing the whales. I was first up the hill, so we named it Jack's Mountain."
JB, Age 6, OR

"This was our best vacation ever" and "Well beyond our high expectations" are typical comments from families about a Private Yacht Charter or Private Learning Cruise. Boating is a terrific family sport, and a crewed charter can provide an extraordinary and memorable experience for the entire family.

Fun activities include exploring ashore, fast dinghy rides and unforgettable wildlife encounters. Choosing an area with short distances between stops keeps things interesting for children.

In tropical areas, many yachts add high speed tubing, water skiing, and knee/wakeboarding behind a powerful dinghy. And consider diving - you don't have to be certified in advance!

Children and safety:
Safety is an unwavering concern, so your crew we will work with you to set ground rules. You should bring a life jacket for any child that does not swim, so they have a perfect fit.

Optional chef service:
Many families feel having an on-board chef to prepare meals and adds value, while for others it's not important. It's all up to you!

Our Private Instructional charters prepare your family to sail together on your own successfully and confidently.

You can develop skills for handling a yacht as a family or couple. Children can help with tasks appropriate for their ages and make a genuine contribution.

Your crew can vary the pace as you like each moment.